As a leading supplier of injection molding system solutions to the closure industry, Husky has the knowledge, tools and capability to deliver:

  1. A shelf-stand-out application to generate consumer interest
  2. A best-in-class manufacturing solution in terms of productivity, total cost-of-ownership and quality.

We use simulation tools extensively in our development approach to identify constraints and expedite the commercialization timeline. Our precision manufacturing methods offer a level of repeatability and quality unmatched by our competitors. Precision manufacturing methods are critical in all of the markets we operate. Whether it is achieving a specific opening force on a flip-top closure design or ensuring a specific opening torque on a CSD closure, precision manufacturing and closure performance are highly linked. 

Rugged design is at the core of every Husky closure mold, with integrated support pillars, optimal cooling line routings, and optimal material selections that promote speed and reliability. What’s more, the Husky Ultra hot runner system features our patented leakproof design and a variety of gating options for robust operation and optimal part quality. 

Our patented Mold ID technology simplifies operation by introducing features like EjectAssist, which automatically determines the optimal clamp and ejection strokes to achieve the best waterfall configuration possible. Electrification of the clamp movement, along with our regenerative clamp stroke, also help to conserve energy, which, in turn, lowers operational costs. Together, these technologies enable a system manufacturing approach to creating synergies that cannot be easily replicated by other industry players.

Examples of beverage closures

Beverage Closures

Our beverage closure solutions are compatible with industry standard neck finishes. They have also been line-proven and are designed to satisfy specific brand levels of performance. Husky offers a wide array of portfolio and custom beverage closure solutions that serve the Water, CSD and JSDT markets. 

Husky has an extensive track record with a variety of segments within the specialty closure market. Ongoing partnerships within numerous globally recognized brands confirm our reputation as a world-class manufacturing equipment supplier to the following segments:

  • Flip-top caps
  • Detergent caps
  • Pouch fitments
  • Edible oil closures
  • Carton closures
  • Sports caps
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