Altanium® Mold Controllers

For temperature, valve gate and servo control, nothing beats Husky’s proven family of Altanium Series injection molding controllers. They are Industry 4.0-ready—the most integrated platform in the business, offering single-point operation and control of hot runner temperature, mold servo and valve gate sequencing. They also feature best-in-class diagnostic capabilities and fault-recovery solutions thanks to their H-Series Intelligent Control Cards, which are interchangeable across your entire production line.

Engineered for superior accuracy and ease of use, Altanium mold temperature controllers feature full-color touchscreens and Active Reasoning Technology (ART) that keeps nozzle tip temperatures precisely at setpoint. This ensures better melt stream management through greater shot-to-shot and cavity-to-cavity consistency and repeatability. ART also delivers shorter cycles, lower energy consumption and higher-quality parts. Other ART benefits? Rapid, smooth power output delivery, fully isolated thermocouple inputs and industry-leading thermocouple sample rates that ensure the integrity of temperature readings from the mold.

All Altanium mold controllers are also backed by an industry-best 5-year warranty that includes the operator interface, H-series control cards and mainframe. Just a few of the many reasons Husky is tops among mold temperature controller suppliers.

Altanium mold controllers offer:

  • 2 to 255 zones of temperature control
  • Best-in-class troubleshooting and fault recovery
  • Multi-language support
  • Password- and username-enabled security

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Husky Altanium Neo Controllers

Altanium Neo5™ Controller

The Neo5 can support up to 48 zones of hot runner temperature control and is ideally suited for low- to medium-cavity molds. Packed with functionality, the Neo5 controller is available in space-saving tabletop configurations and freestanding mobile units for higher zone counts. It addresses the need for simplicity by incorporating Basic and Advanced Operation modes. These modes can be tailored to your operator’s level of experience, helping to reduce an operator’s learning curve and lowering training costs. The unit also has access to 11 different languages and includes built-in auto-diagnostic tools for quickly identifying and fixing issues with heaters, wiring and sensors in the mold, saving valuable production time. The powerful yet simple Neo5 controller is perfect for molders who want a highly accurate and precise hot runner control solution at a budget-friendly price.

Husky Altanium Delta5 Controller

Altanium Delta5™ Controller

Optimized for 24- to 96-cavity applications, the Delta5 supports up to 128 zones of hot runner temperature control, making it well suited for any molding market from automotive to medical. With its 15.6" full-color high-definition touchscreen interface, the Delta5 offers single-touch simplicity to take advantage of several high-value features for maintaining productivity, troubleshooting issues in the mold and ensuring seamless, trouble-free startups. In addition to temperature control, the Delta5 controller is also available with up to 16 circuits of hydraulic or pneumatic valve gate sequencing control or precision servo control for the UltraSync-ETM plate-actuated valve-gated hot runner system. If you want significant value and premium performance at an affordable price, the Delta5 controller is the technology for your hot runner needs.

Husky Altanium Matrix5 Controllers

Altanium Matrix5™ Controllers

As the flagship Altanium operator interface, the Matrix5 controller is truly a mold control solution like none other in the molding industry. From its 22" high-definition touchscreen and powerful Windows-based industrial computer, the Matrix5 controller is all about performance. Optimized for high-cavitation molds (>96) with support for 2 to 255 zones of temperature control, it includes all the features and functionality of the Delta5 operator interface, including 32 circuits of hydraulic or pneumatic valve gate sequencing control and more. In addition to UltraSync-E control, the Matrix5 is also available with up to eight individual servo valve gate axes for the ultimate in valve stem motion control, and up to six axes of servo-controlled mold actuation.

Besides the number of supported control technologies, what truly differentiates the Matrix5 mold temperature controller is that all this control is integrated into a single unit and combined on one screen, providing unprecedented access and ease of use. The Matrix5 controller is the only controller you need for your entire mold.


Specialty Controller Technologies

See how Husky’s Altanium® connected technologies, valve gate sequencers and servo controls can further enhance your operational efficiencies.

Husky Altanium Specialty Controller Technologies

Altanium® Connectivity

The network connectivity of Altanium mold controllers enables greater efficiencies and faster decision making. They’re Industry 4.0- and IIoT-ready. They also offer remote support, interface with injection molding machines and devices on the floor, and exchange data with process control and manufacturing execution systems.

Our available OPC UA server and Europmap 82.2 machine interface can connect with your manufacturing plant’s process or production monitoring systems, enabling the user to read, write and collect data to improve overall equipment effectiveness. In addition, VNC (Virtual Network Computing) technology enables the machine to become the central point of control for the entire injection molding cell, reducing movement between different devices.

Husky Altanium Valve Gate Sequencer

Altanium® Valve Gate Sequencer (VGS)

Vale gate control is critically important when molding multi-gated, colored or glass-filled parts due to their complex structural and surface finish requirements. The Altanium valve gate sequencer manages the fill sequence by precisely controlling when pneumatic or hydraulic valve gates open and close during each injection cycle. With control for up to 32 valve gates and a packing feature that allows a single valve gate to open and close as many as three times in a single cycle, the Altanium valve gate sequencer delivers unprecedented control over weld or knit line positioning. It also aids in mechanical balancing of family molds and helps reduce clamp tonnage requirements by utilizing a cascading fill technique.

Another high-value feature is an at-temperature function with soak timer, which protects gates and valve stems by preventing any actuation until the mold reaches optimum processing temperature and has soaked long enough to allow stems to move freely. Coupled with industry-leading temperature control technology, Altanium VGS helps you produce structurally rugged and visually appealing parts, cycle after cycle.

Husky Altanium Servo Control

Altanium® Servo Control

Electrically actuating mold movements using servo motors is the future, and Husky is leading the way. Our servo control ensures greater precision and control of movement to increase mold life, and is compatible with a variety of motor types, enabling easy repurposing for different molds. It is also cleaner and more energy-efficient than traditional methods of mold actuation. Additionally, its built-in data collection and event tracking features provide instant access to motion performance to prevent potential mold damage or compromised part quality. Husky provides engineering support to ensure your servo motor is right-sized for your application. You are also assured of global startup support, on-site or remotely, and training for smoother integration into your production process.


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